This is how it looked in Rijeka in the spring of 2010:


But what it is?
This is a gathering of more than 100 high school students and their teachers listening to physics teachers Marijan Bakač (left) and Matko Babić (right) = 2 MB! They are presenting 24 experiments in physics, from the mechanics to the waive (physical) optics.

Nowadays it is somewhat different, more modern... How does it look like?

  1. we have accepted your suggestions and increased the number of experiments to over 30, and we may further enlarge it;

  2. the questions previously distributed as handouts are now presented as a notebook "PHYSICAL EXPERIMENT – THE WAY TO SUCCESSFUL PHYSICS", which can be ordered on our contact address;

  3. all the experiments have been filmed and can be found on this website;

  4. this is an experimental Internet programme running until September 2012. Its continuation and enlargement depend on your interest!

Your friends and teachers

All photographs, movies and the complete pedagogical-methodological sheme are the property of physics teachers Marijan Bakac and Matko babic.
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